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Autumn in North Jutland

Nationalpark Thy
When will you be visiting?

Welcome to North Jutland

In North Jutland the light is magical and the sky is vast. North Jutland is Denmark when it is at its best. Nature is ever-changing, from the rugged coastlines to the soft hills, beautiful and raw. There is a special pulse, and you will feel it all year.

Late summer in North Jutland

Enjoy the last sunrays of the late summer. The late summer in North Jutland is offering tasty local meals, relaxation and many active experiences in the beautiful nature and in the cozy cities of North Jutland.


The colour of the leaves are changing and the fresh air invites you to go searching for mushrooms or maybe even an oyster safari in the Limfjord. In North Jutland there are plenty of activities year-round, it is not all about the beaches. North Jutland means relaxing, and you decide what...


In North Jutland, you have the opportunity to sleep in nature out under the stars, in the amazing hotels, inns, holiday homes, and on the many campsites.

Events in North Jutland

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Where are you going?

Experience some of the most beautiful areas of North Jutland.


Impressive nature and spectacular experiences await you in the southernmost part of North Jutland, Himmerland.


An entry into nature, history, and active experiences, in Rebild, Rold Forest, and Rebild Hills.

The island of Mors - the gem of the Limfjord

Mors is an island in the middle of the Limfjord where wonderful holiday experiences are waiting for you. Mors is known for its amazing nature, which allows for an active or relaxing holiday.

The West Coast of North Jutland

Along the west coast of North Jutland you are enriched with many wide sandy beaches, roaring North Sea and cosy harbour and fishing villages.

The East Coast of North Jutland

The East Coast of North Jutland stretches from Skagen in the North to Øster Hurup near Mariager Fjord. All along the coast of the Kattegat Sea, you will find some of Denmark’s most child-friendly beaches and numerous cozy harbors towns.

Popular destinations

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Year-round in North Jutland

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Explore the town

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Pampering and wellness

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Taste North Jutland

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