Pige i sneen

Winter in North Jutland

Hjort i Store Vildmose
When will you be visiting?

Welcome to North Jutland

In North Jutland the light is magical and the sky is vast. North Jutland is Denmark when it is at its best. Nature is ever-changing, from the rugged coastlines to the soft hills, beautiful and raw. There is a special pulse, and you will feel it all year.

Winter in North Jutland

Even though it is getting colder and the days shorter, North Jutland offers lots of amazing activities! We have gathered the best for you, all you have to do is to find joy and warmth in each others company during the colder months.

Winter holiday in North Jutland

Spend a magical winter holiday in North Denmark. Here you will find fun and adventurous activities for all ages. Wintertime in North Jutland means slowing down, enjoying each other and creating amazing memories.

Christmas in North Jutland

Christmas is the festival of hearts in Denmark, a celebration of family and you will find "hygge" in every living room. The towns around North Jutland are all bathed in beautiful lights, and you can be sure your stay will be magical.

Where are you going?

Experience some of the most beautiful areas of North Jutland.

The West Coast

The West Coast stretches from Grenen, by Skagen, in the very north to Agger, in southern Thy. Experience the crashing waves and the wide sandy beaches with its popular coastal and beach towns.

The East Coast

The East Coast offers cosy harbours and fishing villages. Experience the light, food, culture and nature in the northernmost town of Skagen. Further south is Frederikshavn, from this historic town you can grab a ferry to the island of Læsø, known for its beautiful nature, seaweed roofs and...

Heavenly Himmerland

Experience the culture and history of Himmerland, a community of three municipalities in the southern part of North Jutland. In Himmerland, you will find an abundance of experiences for the entire family - all year.

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