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Pige på palmestranden
Fotograferne Vesterbro
Thorup Strand
Mette Johnsen

Welcome to North Jutland

In North Jutland the light is magical and the sky is vast. North Jutland is Denmark when it is at its best. Nature is ever-changing, from the rugged coastlines to the soft hills, beautiful and raw. There is a special pulse, and you will feel it all year.

Vinkingemarked på Fyrkat

Events in North Jutland

Photo: Mette Johnsen
Løkken Strand

Popular destinations

Photo: Simone Bramante
Rebild Bakker med solnedgang

Year-round in North Jutland

Photo: Dennis Piilgard

Go exploring

Aalborg Cafeliv

Explore the town

Photo: Mette Johnsen
kvinde i bramslev bakker


Photo: Mette Johnsen
Kvinde i Romulus i Skallerup Seaside Resort

Pampering and wellness

Photo: Skallerup Seaside Resort
Rejemad i Lønstrup

Taste North Jutland

Photo: FlyingOctober - Nordvestkysten


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