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Meandering deep into holiday country as a wide blue ribbon, Denmark’s most beautiful inlet, Mariagerfjord, winds its way through flat meadows and high slopes, passing Hadsund on its way to the towns of roses, Mariager and, continuing through the wonderful hilly landscape of Bramslev Bakker, and the magnificent forest Rold Skov, it finally reaches its destination at the old Viking Settlement of Hobro and the Viking fortress, vikingecenter Fyrkat. Mariagerfjord is an ideal region for relaxation and every kind of cultural or active holiday.

Things to see and do

Mariagerfjord’s fabulous surroundings are perfect for the active tourist. Whether you are a kayak or canoe enthusiast, an angler, a water-skiing enthusiast, or whether you prefer bathing or simply just loves magnificent scenery – then the inlet of Mariagerfjord is a unique destination for holiday and pleasure. A large number of small local providers are prepared to make your holiday an absolutely unique experience.

You should try a trip by the preserved railway line, Handest Veteranjernbane, which will take you out into the wonderful landscape.

In addition to all this, your children can take advantage of one of the adventure playgrounds available in the woodlands. For history buffs, we recommend a visit to one of Denmark’s most well preserved Stone Age burial chambers Kongehøjen by Voldstedlund.

A visit to Mariager’s Salt Centre is practically a must. Here, you set out on a journey through the history of salt. The centre is located right by the inlet, and here you can visit the Salt Cinema, the Seething Hut (where you can watch the seething masters at work), the Salt Mine and, last but not least, the Salt Garden where you can float in the Salt Baths – which, by way of the high salt content, is a copy of the Dead Sea in Israel. Here it is impossible to drop to the bottom, which makes bathing a wonderful experience.

You could also follow the Art route by Mariagerfjord, which is organised by a group of local artists who will open the doors to a shared exhibition in September.

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Events in Mariagerfjord

This beautiful scenery, in and around Mariagerfjord, constitutes the setting for frequently organised festivities and events. Here we can e.g. mention the Viking Market in Hobro, Mariagerfjord festive days, the Kayak Adventure (KajakEventyret) and the Post Danmark Rundt cycle race – all contributing to an improved spirit of solidarity among the towns located around the inlet. The festive days provide a wealth of activities and concerts in the towns Hobro, Hadsund and Mariager. In the months of summer, you can participate in the Kayak Adventure which is an event spanning 3 days of kayak racing on Denmark’s most beautiful inlet – from Hobro to Øster Hurup.

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Restaurants and places to eat

Comprising such primary towns as Hadsund, Øster Hurup, Mariager, Hobro and Assens, the Mariagerfjord food scene is obviously a comprehensive one and, thus, the rich opportunities for dining out are impressive. Rest assured that you hunger may be appeased in any one of these towns, all sharing the common denominator of an amazing view of sea or inlet.

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The many towns provide lots of possibilities for staying the night – most frequently in surroundings of beautiful scenery. The area boasts a wealth of camp sites, shelters and nature camps, allowing close contact with nature.

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