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Here you can search for products in all of North Jutland such as activities, accommodation and restaurants. 

Use our database to get an overview over the many possibilities and find just what you are looking for.

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Helicopter Tours in Sæby

Helicopter Tors from 48 € pr. pers. For further information
Type: Events

Experience beautiful Skagen in a helicopter

Experience beautiful Skagen in a helicopter. Sima Helikopter offers helicopterflights with a Robinson 44 with room for three passengers and one pilot. Rates start from Dkr. 350, - per person. There ar
Type: Sightseeing

Helicopter Tours in Skagen

Helicopter Tours from 48 € pr. pers. For further information
Type: Events

Suzi Quatro & The Rubettes

The scene is set for sing-along in Aalborghallen, when two of the biggest music legends from the 1970s, singer Suzi Qautro and the band The Rubettes. The two of them are going to give you a true 70s n
Type: Events

Saltum Strand Camping - Bicycle Rental

At Saltum Strand Camping you are using all your senses. The camping ground has 310 big places, 25 cottages and 10 luxury cottages for rent, here are something for the whole family. Many activities inc
Type: Bike rental

Fossil hunting at Fur - kopi

Every summer you can participate in the fossil hunts in the moler (silica) pits on the island Fur. Imagine suddenly discovering af small fossiled fish which hasn't seen the light of day in 55 million
Type: Events

Cup No. 1 in Frederikshavn

Major international football tournament for youth teams. Read more:
Type: Events