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Nature in North Denmark

The nature is a wonderful place to spend time year round, and there is almost an unlimited number of experiences out there. It is easy to explore and most of it is accessible to everybody. You can walk or cycle on the designated paths and roads, but you are also welcome to explore and examine nature off the paths. Many places have fire or barbecue places with tables and benches for everybody to use.

North Jutland allows visitors to enjoy the sight of the sun rising over the Kattegat and, without travelling far, witness the unique sunset in the evening at the west coast witness - all within the same day.

This varied landscape combined with our four beautiful seasons makes a visit to the region equally interesting all year round, so - all in all - it is with good reason that North Jutland is the Danes' favorite holiday destination.

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Nature pictures

Nature attractions

The nature in North Jutland is unique and can be considered the greatest attraction of all. 

We have showed some of the most popular pearls of nature here:

Thy National Park is also known as "Denmark’s last wilderness" and has plenty of scenic sights to enjoy.

Bulbjerg, which is located by the sea and home to a wide variety of birds.

Rold Forest offers charming surroundings for the perfect picnic and also has forest playgrounds fore the children.

Nature activities

In North Jutland there are plenty of things to do, on your own or together with friends and loved ones.

Why not rent a bike and drive around the scenic Rebild Bakker or share a canoe with the kids and travel downstream in Mariagerfjord?

You can fish in the clear waters of North Jutland or enjoy a hike - the possibilities are endless.

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