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City break

In comparison to other European cities, our "cities" are small, but there is plenty on offer: cafés, shopping, a wide variety of restaurants, historic city environments and cultural sites for the entire family to enjoy.

The cities of North Jutland are perfect for a city-break, whether you are travelling with your partner, kids or friends.

City break attractions

If you enjoy to wander the cities in the search for cultural insight and local coziness, there is always plenty to choose from.

The largest city in North Jutland is Aalborg, which of course offers multiple shopping facilities and museums, yet cities such as Frederikshavn, Hjørring and Thisted are also quite enjoyable with many events.

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City break activities

Explore the cities of North Jutland in the quest for gastronomic adventures, cultural experiences and shopping until you drop.

North Jutland has everything you may desire.

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Dish from one of North Denmark's best restaurants

Best restaurants in North Jutland

Here you will find a list of the best places to eat during your stay in Denmark's northernmost region along with reviews from food critics and reviewers on TripAdvisor

City break accommodation

In a busy city, the best way to stay close to the liveliness while relaxing with all the necessary comforts, is living in a hotel.

If you prefer a closeness to the cultural life and the local people, private accommodation or Bed & Breakfasts is the optimal choice for you.

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Food & Gastronomy

Taste the flavour of North Jutland and have an amazing gastronomic adventure that is unique.

North Jutland has a vast treasure chamber of specialities and commodities, which are very special to the area.