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Nordsøen Oceanarium has 6 million litres of water - and much more!

The North Sea Oceanarium has existed since 1984. A lot has happened since then but we’ve always focused on life in the North Sea. Today, The North Sea Oceanarium is one of the greatest attractions in Nothern Jutland and we offer fun and educational activites year round. Bring your family on an adventure beneath the surface of the North Sea.

Explore the 7 destinations, dive to the bottom of the ocean, clamber around on the shipwreck, fish for crabs with your bare hands, and feel the power of nature. Pat a starfish on the back, come face to face with a seal, and search for the treasure of the North Sea. A sea of experiences awaits you on an area of 5,000 m2 outdoors, and 10,000 m2 indoors containing 70 aquariums, 6,500 fish and other marine animals. 

Join our expedition
The North Sea Expedition has  seven destinations  that will take you from the surface to the deepest point in the North Sea. You can visit the destinations in the order that you prefer and you can spend as much time as you like at each destination. The expedition is a fun and educational way to go about our aquariums and enjoy time with your family

The fin whale from Blokhus beach and the whale researcher’s hut
On Tuesday, February 23 2016, a fin whale measuring 17.4 metres was found dead at Blokhus beach. During spring and summer, the bones of the fin whale were cleaned and put together. Now, you can get up close to the skeleton of the great animal at the North Sea Oceanarium. You can also learn more about what killed the fin whale and about whales in general when you visit the whale researcher’s hut – a fascinating exhibition with interactive games and lots about whales.

Focusing on fish an their health benefits
In 2017, we introduce the new FiSK project that aims to convey the health benefits of eating fish regularly in a way that will engage children and their parents. In February, we open a new exhibition with lots of activities and taste samples for everyone.


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