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Fårup Sommerland

Not far from the Blokhus beach, and yet in the midst of woodlands, you find the amusement park, Fårup Sommerland – the oldest amusement park to introduce the Danish concept of ‘Sommerland’ – i.e. an amusement park where the admission ticket gives access to most amusements. Visitors to Fårup Sommerland can enjoy crazy roller coasters and a children’s fun fair as well as Denmark’s biggest and wettest water world!

World sensation in Fårup’s Aquapark

There is certainly plenty to look forward to for water lovers, speed devils and roller-coaster enthusiasts! For, in 2015, Fårup’s Aquapark introduced not just one but two new water slides: Vandkanonen (the Water Cannon) and Vandfaldet (the Waterfall). Vandkanonen is the world’s first outdoor two-loop, free-fall water slide. Your journey begins high up in the air in a small cubicle. Soon after the floor disappears from under your feet, and off you go – tearing down a closed chute in free fall, to continue at breakneck speed through two loops and, finally, you land in a gigantic splash! The waterfall is a 35-meter-long water slide; and there is only one way: down! The waterfall provides opportunity to experience a sinking feeling – it is terrifyingly steep.

Nye rutsjebaner i Fårup Sommerland 2015

The splashing of water behind you, and your hair dry, you can let your senses be taken for a ride in the 4-D cinema, enjoy a cheerful moment at the children’s fair, jump one of the many trampolines, or just relax in the shade of the trees while conjuring up a meal in the large barbecue area where red-hot grills will be at your disposal – entirely free of charge. 

Wild roller coasters

The wood further boasts furiously fast roller coasters. June 2013 saw the largest new addition in Fårup ever, namely the roller coaster, Orkanen (the hurricane) – Scandinavia’s only roller coaster to give you a ride both above and BELOW water! At first, Orkanen takes you to a height of 7 storeys and, at a speed of 75 km/h, you will dive below water level and, the next minute, you find yourself alarmingly close to trees and shrubbery – your feet dangling in the air! You can also experience Denmark’s wildest acceleration in the roller coaster named Lynet (the lightening). At launch, Lynet goes from 0 to 80 km/h in a matter of just two seconds. Next, your ride goes topsy-turvy through wild loops and hazardous hairpin bends. Or maybe you fancy a trip in Falken (the Falcon), the fastest tree roller-coaster in Denmark?

Fårup is a world-class amusement park

Fårup is a high-grade amusement park of international renown; and, considering the many prizes which the amusement park has been awarded in recent years, the popularity of the place is understandable:

  • 2nd Best Amusement Park in Europe 2015 (Kirmes)
  • Orkanen (the hurricane): 3rd-greatest roller coaster in Europe 2014 (Kirmes)
  • Best amusement park in Denmark (børnibyen.dk) 2014
  • Best amusement park concept in Denmark (tv2.dk) 2014
  • Orkanen: the 2nd-greatest European novelty (Kirmes) 2013
  • Best amusement-park concept in Scandinavia (Barnesemester.se) 2013
  • Best amusement-park concept in Scandinavia (Barnsemester.se) 2012
  • Best work place for young people in North Jutland (LO's Jobpatrulje), 2011
  • The 3rd-best service in the world (IAAPA), 2010-2011
  • The 3rd-greatest family park in the world (Amusement Today), 2010-2011


Pirupvejen 147
9492 Blokhus
Tlf. no. +45 9888160

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