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Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland

Not far from Blokhus and Løkken beach, only 30 minutes away form Aalborg, and yet in the midst of woodlands, you find the amusement park, Fårup Sommerland. Fårup is one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions. The park is full of wild, funny and insane water activities for the whole family. Everything from wild slides and Børnetivoli to Denmark’s greatest and wettest waterland. There are more than 60 amusements - and when first the entry is paid, all amusements and the water park are free.


Denmark’s largest water park
You will also find in Fårup Denmark’s largest heated Aquapark, where the whole family can splash and stay warm in the wild waves of the Wave Basin (27 degrees). You can zip down the curl on Surf Hill or float together in huge bath rings in Vandslangen (the Water Hose). You can also try Vandkanonen (the Water Cannon), which is the world’s first outdoor water slide with a free fall and two loops. Your journey begins high up in the air in a small cubicle. Soon after the floor disappears from under your feet, and off you go – tearing down a closed chute in free fall, to continue at breakneck speed through two loops and, finally, you land in a gigantic splash!

When the water splashing is over, and the hair is dry, you can surprise your senses in the 4D cinema or laze in the shade of the trees and magic at the big grill-yourself area where a red-hot grill is ready - for free. In Fårup’s restaurants, the whole family can find their favorite foods – both in the delicious buffet and in the park’s many other eating places. If you are into organics, you can try the 100% organic restaurant.


Speed, excitement and fun for both large and small
The forest offers experiences for the whole family. The younger, for example, snatch a ride in Den røde baron (The Red Baron), where the little pilots steer their own airplane. Another of the children’s favorites in Fårup is Egerntårnet (the Squirrel Tower), where you are lifted up to the tops of a tree, and hurtle to the ground in a free fall. For the larger speed demons there are the breakneck slides with plenty of action. Orkanen (The Hurricane runs) - the only slide in Scandinavia - both over and UNDER the water! It is also possible to try Denmark’s wildest accelerator in the slide Lynet (The Lightning), which shoots you off from 0 to 80 km/h in just two seconds. Or how about a trip in Falken (The Falcon), Denmark’s fastest wooden slide? Fårup’s newest ride (2017), Hvirvelvinden (the Whirlwind), will take brave guests on a neck cracking slalom trip for the first time. In Hvirvelvinden people will be thrown up and down from a 19 meter height, at the same time as they spin around. It is a trip for the biggest daredevils - and clearly one of the wildest rides in Fårup ever!

Fårup is much more than fun slides. You can also romp with horse riding, canoe rides, shooting, bouncy castles, numerous trampolines, climbing frames or a trip through the giant playground. And then Fårup is above all fun in a true forest atmosphere!  

Live in the middle of Denmark’s funniest forest
Who doesn’t dream of waking up in the middle of a park with a fantastic view of the sea, the Hurricane and the Falcon - ready for delightful experiences? Fårup Sommerland’s own hotel - Hotel Fårup - is a 4-star family hotel with a true Fårup forest theme, that provides comfort, fun and relaxation for the whole family. If you are “just” a guest in the park, you are more than welcome to stroll over to the hotel and experience the comfortable and fun atmosphere. Naturally, the hotel’s restaurant is open for both park and hotel guests. 


Fårup is a world-class amusement park
In both 2015, 2016 and 2017 Fårup was named the second-best amusement park in Europe. In 2015 Fårup’s staff also received an international prize for providing the world’s third best service. In addition, in both 2012 and 2013, Fårup was named the best summerland in Scandinavia - and in 2010, 2011 and 2012, Fårup was named the world’s third best family park by the American magazine Amusement Today. 

Pirupvejen 147
9492 Blokhus
Tlf. no. +45 9888160

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